Witek? Is it really you? Holy cow! I would expect my death than to see you! Why are you staying there? Come in! Sweet Jesus! So many years! Now I recognize you! But it was difficult with this baldness. Where is that little Jew with that black shag that no comb could manage? Is this the same Witek with...



And you came to visit me anyway. What did you bring? It wasn't necessary. I don't want anything.
Well, well. I know, and you know. It will help like a plaster on a wooden leg. The end is near. Doctors don't talk, but they don't have to.
I've always been that lucky. Look. It happened to...



Are the children asleep? Now we can talk.
I can stay with you for three days. I made a contract with a shoe factory. I am interested in their production of clogs.
I was in London and visited Lila and her English husband. She remembers Tina from Poland very well, even though it was a lot of years ago. ...



So you're getting divorced? I knew that all that going to the psychologist was a big nothing. What can I tell you? You are a grown-up man in your forties, so don't expect any fatherly advice. With the hand on the heart, are you totally innocent in all this? Well? You see!
Of all this, I feel...



You are very welcome, sir. With such heat in the air, one becomes thirsty.
That is right. This is an old farm. You have guessed it right. After Jews
What? At the entrance? The painting disappeared. You know. No money for the repair work. That Jewish mezuzah was taken down by my father. Grandpa, who took...



Yes. That is true. My father survived the occupation in Poland. On Aryan papers. If he told me about it? No. He never talked about it. He claimed that he would like to erase that period of his life from his memory. But he couldn't. Whenever it was mentioned, his face got a weird expression, and sometimes he did not speak to us for days. ...



Now and forever! Amen!
Are you surprised? If I were you, I would be surprised too.
A bearded Jew who says a hail at the monastery's cemetery is a rare sight indeed!
You are right. I do not live here. I come from the States.
Yes. You could say to pay a visit. Except that it is not a living person. ...



I beg your pardon? Who? Morris Ziegler? That's me.
Let me look at this. That's right. It's the correct address.
Am I too young to be Morris Ziegler?
Oh! Now I understand! You are looking for Morris Ziegler, my grandfather!
I was named after him. And when I was young, they called me Metek, like my grandfather. ...



So you are that person who is interested in the Holocaust survivors and their stories.
Pity that you cannot talk with my father. He could tell you a lot. He was in the Majdanek concentration camp. He was one of the few who got out from there alive.
But he cannot tell you anything. Because he died a few years ago. ...



What did you say? Was it in Polish?
Sorry. I don't speak Polish, but I can understand some.
Well. Who told you that?
Morris? My nephew? I could guess!
That boy always had some weird ideas about everything!
OK. Not everything about this is wrong. Only most of it.
Maybe fifty percent. Because only that part about my Grandpa is correct. ...

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