Hi Kaska! That's me.

What? Why do I call so late?
The battery has run out. I noticed it when I came home.
I was at work. The afternoon shift.

To hell with all this... There was a brawl again.

I am telling you. I do not think I can make it there. They keep picking on me.
I knew it the moment that Wiesiek, who arranged this job, said that the manager was a fagot. However, I would never imagine to what extent!

Today I almost jumped out of my skin.
I was sent to clean on the second floor because two rooms because there were not made before noon.
You know. When the guests display this Do Not Disturb card, the room should be made by the second shift.

I am going into this room, and this woman is still sitting there!
So I kindly ask if I can clean up or if I should come back later.
She said, "go ahead", and went into the bathroom. Therefore, I started cleaning.
I have made the bed and began to vacuum.
And this one flies out of the bathroom and speaks to me in English.
My English, you know, is almost non-existent, so I just smile and keep vacuuming.
But she just repeats "payper" and "payper"!
Well, I said, "tank you", and quietly in Polish, "you old prune", and, just in case, I quickly left the room.

Less than 15 minutes after, this fagot of a manager burst into the other room I started to clean and accused me of being rude to the client!
Me? To be rude? Have you heard anything like that?!
But cool.
I politely asked if he could explain what it was all about because I did not understand anything. He claimed the lady from Israel, where I was cleaning a moment ago, complained.
Well, I told him that I think she must have screwed up something in her head.
And no wonder because it was reeking from her like from some brewery.
He said that all he could smell was some spicy foreign perfume. And that the complaint was about the lack of toilet paper, which supposedly I promised to bring!
Well. Indeed, I did not go to the bathroom and not change the towels or check if there was any toilet paper, but I did not promise anything!

It ended with me bringing that witch toilet paper and making up the bathroom.
The manager said it was the last warning because they are doing the promotion for Israeli guests and things like that are not a good advertisement for the hotel.

Goddamn it!
Fortunately, I did not know she was Jewish because I would not have made it!
Look, what a bitch!
A little language misunderstanding and she is barking already claims to the manager!
And I saw with my eyes that the rest of the old toilet paper roll was still there!

That Witek, who runs with the guys from the National Radical Camp, was right!
That bunch comes here and thinks they are allowed to do whatever they want!
There is no cure for them!
It is no wonder that all this can make one an anti-Semite.

Alex Wieseltier - Uredte tanker
Alle rettigheder forbeholdes 2019
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