Did they not let you in? And they did not want to talk with you?
I'm not surprised. With that kind of story!
No! It's not true. There was no conviction because of the collaboration with the Germans!
How do I know? My father and mother told me.
My father just got it told because he was a newcomer. ...



And I prize Him too!
No, I am not Jasiowa 1). I am Janowa 2).
You know. These young ones do not know anything today.
Jasiowa's cottage was close to ours, but they have been here years ago.
They left the village after the war.
Of course, I remember this. I will not forget it until the end of my life. ...



Well, and good morning to you too!
Oh, yes. That's correct. Old Joseph that's me.
What? Are they telling stories about me?
Probably because they don't have anything else to do.
The cradle? Of course, I remember it. I am old, but my memory is still OK.
That Old Joseph paints the old cradle in different colors every year? ...



What do you say? Joshua Liebeskind?
No way! He is not any Joshua at all! He has gone cuckoo for sure.
His name is just Janek. Not any Liebeskind, but Klis. That's how he was born.
All his Jewishness is just a hole in the head!
He was not here for a long time. He lived almost all his life in the city. ...



Well. It's not a problem. I cannot speak but I can still understand Polish.
It's like driving a bike. One can be very rusty, but one still can.
So you can speak Polish and I will answer in English.
You know. In my home, we used to speak Yiddish.
But there were some Polish...