No Sir! The beer is the beer. For me, all the same.
My father was fussier. Only Okocim-beer or Żywieckie-beer.
But those were the old days. Now, no one can see the difference.
And I drink what comes up. Yes, Sir, I'm always thirsty from the morning time.
That on my hand? It's an old story. From jail.
I was young. I was stupid. I was caught and jailed. It was in the communists' time.
My father said that I inherited it after my grandfather because it has jumped him over.
My father was a good man. Too decent. Not like me.
Grandfather? I remember him well because he liked to tell me his stories from before and during the war.
He was a kid when he became a member of a gang.
He was so agile that there was no better than he to crawl over cornices and open windows was.
When they had to admit him into the gang, he climbed the gutter pipe up to the third floor to make access to the flat!
There were honor people in the gang. They had the code.
They did not touch the poor. Only the rich.
They made no difference whether it was the Polish or the Jewish flat.
No. But only those rich who lived among the Poles.
In places with too many Jews, it was a problem because even such little Polish rascal looked different from a Jew. In the Polish quarter, such heist was a piece of cake.
They did also those riches on the streets in the evening. Or those, who looked like the riches.
They had some kiddos in front of the restaurants.
When a drunken mister was leaving the restaurant into the dark, the gang had a message about it the latest in a quarter of an hour and could free him from unnecessary belongings.
They did not do any "wet" work. Because the human body is a sacred thing.
It changed a bit during the occupation. Grandpa said that the conditions have also changed.
The Jewish flats they had in mind were looted before they could get them.
So when the Poles moved in, there was nothing to steal.
So they got a partnership with a policeman.
To trace the Jews. Those who were leaving the ghetto.
And not close to the ghetto, but where the Jews were going and doing some business.
That policeman was a clever one. And a good comrade too.
It had started when he has caught one from the gang.
Lefty, who was the head of the gang, was nearby at that moment.
Lefty had a look. And he had a talk. So they came to an understanding.
If the Jews were trying to do some business outside the ghetto, the gang had to have its share.
When they have spotted a Jew, they followed him until he got the goods. Then they robbed him.
If he looked to be too strong or very wealthy, they put our policeman on him.
And the Jew had to buy himself out.
If he did not have enough money, they told him to write to his family in the ghetto.
And the kiddos run into the ghetto to deliver the note.
Then the agreed place where the money could be delivered and the Jew relieved.
It always ended satisfactorily because they were moderate and trustworthy.
When they promised they would the Jew let go, they let him go.
And the Jews could still do business. Only for a little payment.
Some even praised the arrangement because they could hire the kiddos to watch and avoid any other pranks.
No. The gang did not cooperate with the Germans. Nor with other policemen.
Our policeman explained to Lefty that it will be not good business.
If you deliver the Jew to the Germans, it means the end of the business.
If you let him go, you can milk him several times.
And no wet work. Because if it spreads, they can change the territory and do business other places.
It went well, although there were several Jews who tried to oppose it. These were pacified by our policeman. Several times, he came and personally punished the crank.
Everything went well until there was one who did not understand anything.
My grandfather was with Lefty at that time. The kiddos had spotted a well-dressed Jew, who was completely dumbfounded when Lefty stopped him.
Lefty kindly asked him what he was carrying, and the Jew grunted that it wasn't his business.
So he got a couple of knocks. But he was still stubborn, and said that he will report this to the police!
Do you want the police, you bastard?! Fine! So they called their policeman.
The policeman came. Checked his papers. Then ordered him to take off the pants. Gotcha!
But still polite. That he would go if he could show adequate gratitude. But the Jew said he has nothing to give!
So maybe any address. To send kiddo, who will bring what is needed?
No. There is no address!
And all of a sudden he smacks Lefty, who falls as a cut-down tree.
The policeman put a hand on the holster, but the Jew knocked him in the head and ran away!
Fortunately, my grandpa was there. He pulled out the policeman's gun and fired at the bastard.
It was the first shot in his life, but he hit him, although it was over five meters distance!
Lefty and the policeman got up and approached the lying man. He was still alive, but his stomach guts were visible. So what to do? You can't deliver him to the Germans, because he could start singing what happened.
Let him go? He might survive and get someone to get revenge.
So no other solution then finish him off. So they did.
And you know what? When they searched his body, they found 10 gold coins hidden!
Grandpa was still full of anger when talked about it.
"Look what a jackass! He risked his life for those stupid gold pieces!
And made murderers of us! What a scoundrel! "
What? Are you leaving now?
Then Goodbye! I will stay here for a while.
And thanks for the beer!