To lift the spirit


To lift the spirit:
The lecturer stands in front of his class with a few props on the table.
At the beginning of the lecture, he places a large empty jar on the table and fills it with some big stones.
When the stones have filled the jar, the professor asks the students the question:
"Is the jar full now?"
Everyone agreed that it was.
Here the professor took out a bag of small pebbles and carefully poured them into the jar, shaking it, so that the pebbles filled the space between the large stones.
As the jar was full to the edge, the professor again asked the students,
"Is the jar full now?"
Everyone agreed it was full.
When the professor pulled out the sandbag, they all laughed because the professor could easily pour sand into the gaps between the large stones and the small pebbles until the sand filled the jar completely.

"Now", said the professor, "I would like you to imagine that this jar is your life"
These big stones are important things in life - family, loved ones, children, health - meaning things, if you lose everything other than these things, your life will continue to be fulfilled.
These little pebbles are other less important things like work, home, and your car. And sand is everything else".
"Look! If I were to fill a jar with sand, there would be no room for small pebbles and large stones. The same is true of your life. If you waste your time and energy on the little things, then there will be no room for the big and important things.
Always focus on the things that are important to you, and your life will be happy. Play with your children; take time to see a doctor, so that your health is always fine. Have time to go out to town with your partner, and there will still be time to go to work, clean up the house, and for the other "sands and pebbles"
"Fill your life with big stones - things that really matter. Always keep in mind what should be the priority of large stones. The rest is just sand!"
The professor looked at the students, pulled out a flask of beer, poured it carefully between the last spaces between the strip, pebbles and large stones, and turning to the class, said:
"And the moral of it all is! No matter what happens in your life, there's always a place for a beer! "

Alex Wieseltier - Uredte tanker
Alle rettigheder forbeholdes 2019
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