From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 10. September 2006 23:00
To: ''
Subject: Hello!Dear Edit,

It is more than two weeks ago I had contact with our father and your mother.
And even I have talked with them a couple of times it is still hard to get it into my mind.
I knew about my father since I was 16 and I knew that I had a sister.
When I got to know that the man who raised me was not my father I was so angry, that I did not want to have anything to do with "another guy". I did not want even to read the letter he has written.
In the sixties, he has visited Poland, but I was still as stubborn as a donkey.
I got to know that you had to go to London and that it was an opportunity to meet you.
But you were the part of the "package"!
I do not know if what I am writing makes any sense for you.
It is very difficult for me to write it, but I have to release all the feeling that came all of a sudden and overwhelmed me.
So let's go ahead.
With the time the feelings about that became less strong, and I did not think that much about "another part of me".
And if I did it the conclusion was: too late and too embarrassing to interfere in your lives.
Another thing was that my mother has covered whole this quite good. Everything was hush-hush; even after my actual father died in 1973.
I remember that when we went to Denmark (after 1976) I have asked her once about father's address in Australia (I think it was in the eighties), but I have never got any answer.
She died in 1993. Life continued. I thought about my father from time to time, but I did nothing.
My wife, Tina, could not understand why I do not do anything to find my family.
But I had my life, my little family and my job, which has forced me to travel a lot around the world. And when I was home I was more than satisfied with my wife, my children, and with my grandchildren.
In 2004, I was sent by my company to New Zealand. Before the departure, I have talked with Tina that this is the best opportunity to search for both of you. When I was there (almost eight months!), I made an internet search. The only thing I have found in my mother's diary was just Sidney, Australia. I have made a search for M. Alabis. This was the name I knew, and the name I had on my first school papers. Unfortunately, the search has not given any result.
When I came back from New Zealand we have talked about it and came to the conclusion that the time has probably passed. My father had probably passed away, and since you probably have changed the name the chances to do anything about it were next to none.
But life can be more complicated than the movie.
My school friend (from primary school in Poland) Lena has found me on the internet six months ago. By accident, she is also living in Sidney!
At the beginning of August month, my brother Hector has died. He was seven years younger than me and due to the age difference we were never close, but he was my brother.
I got to know about his death when I was on holiday in Poland together with my wife, my older daughter Nika and her children.
It was Nika who got the phone message about it. And her first words to me were: "Now you have to find your sister".
After the funeral, I wrote to Lena and asked her if she could look for M. Alabis and his daughter.
It looks like she was quicker on the uptake than I was because when the search for Alabis has not given any results she has extended the search and found three Aladises. She asked me if I did not make a mistake in the searched name. I answered that taken in consideration the circumstances I could not exclude that something could get lost in translation.
Before she answered me, I got a strange call on Thursday 24th of August early in the morning. It happens to be Dorothy, your mother!
After that time we have had a couple of phone calls and as a result of them, I am coming together with my wife to visit you all in the next month.
I have promised Dorothy to come with all the details, but they will come a bit later.
I have an e-mail confirmation from British Airways but I want to have all the details before I begin to bother you.
I can see that what I have written is very chaotic but so is my mind at the moment.
It is difficult to digest to get suddenly a father and a sister. But it is a nice feeling.
I do not expect anything from you. I just want to see you.
Dorothy has told me that you have planned to go to China together with Ross but if I just get an opportunity to see you a couple of days before your departure I will be happy.
Dorothy has also mentioned that you will maybe postpone your China trip because of me, but I will feel bad if I just from the very beginning will create any disturbances in yours and Ross' lives.
My visit will anyway disturb you but I want to see you as soon as it is possible.
And I understand that all of you have a life and this has to go on, also after my departure.
So let us take it as easy as it is possible and get the best from the new situation.
I feel I have to finish this letter because it begins to be more and more chaotic.
Please, send a couple of word to me.
Your brother Dima (my name when I was little), Dan (my present nickname).

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 12. September 2006 23:54
To: ''
Cc: editross
Subject: Hej from DenmarkMy dearest Edit,
I had a hard day in the office.
But when I took a break and checked my private e-mail I got a big reward.
I got an answer from you. Now I know I have a sister.
I knew it. I got a contact. I talked to our father and your mother. But it was still like a distant mirage. Now I have got proof.
It is still difficult. I still have a problem to call him father or dad. For me, he is still Misha, as Dorothy calls him.
But I do not have any problem to call you my sister. You are real for me.
Despite what I wrote to you I am not a sensitive guy. I have difficulty to express my feelings.
I do not remember when I cried last time. By when I read your mail I got a lump in my throat.
But back to the business.
To avoid too many surprises I send you a couple of pictures.
The first one is from our 30th wedding anniversary (2000) where you can see me, Tina, Nika (from the right) and Mira (from the left). The second one is one of our (Tina's and mine) latest pictures taken in our little garden. Then the picture of me and Mira at her wedding ceremony, picture of Nika from the wedding party (both pictures are from 2005) and one of the latest pictures of my grandchildren Ella, Jesper, and Nadya.
Nika is our oldest; she is 33 years old and divorced. Mira is 31 and just married.
Ella (8) and Jesper (4) are Nika's children, and Nadya (eight months) is Mira's little baby.
I will not bother you with the rest of the family connection (at least not yet) but be so kind and clear for me the "Australian connection".
At the moment I have a little mix up of the names:
Edit (you), Ross (your husband?), Warren (your son?), Shirley (your daughter?), James (your son-in-law).
I hope I got it right. Did I?
Waiting for your soon replay.
PS. All from my childhood call me still Dima. Tina and her family call me Dolek, which was my Polish nickname. In Denmark, they call me Daniel (officially) or Dan (friends). My daughters call me far (father) and my grandchildren call me morfar (mother's father).
So you can choose what suits you.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 16. September 2006 19:56
To: editmorrison
Subject: Practical mattersDearest Edit,
I have got a flight confirmation from British Airways.
Dorothy and Misha have mentioned something about our accommodation in their flat during our stay but I have a little problem with it. We are all in the age where we have our old habits, and I do not want to spoil our joy with some unnecessary disturbances.
The best guest is like a fish - it can start to smell after three days.
Because of it, I have made a search for accommodation nearby.
The price is affordable and the hotel quality looks OK.
Can you find out how much the parents will insist on our stay in their flat?
I do not want to hurt their feelings, but I think it will best for all of us if we do not complicate the situation.
We will stay with all of you as much as we can, but it will be good to give all of us a little rest.
I hope you understand my concern and do not take it hard.
I need the answer as soon as possible because to get a favourable price I have to book and pay for the accommodation as soon as possible.
Your brother

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 17. September 2006 15:48
To: 'Edit Morrison'
Subject: RE: Answer

Dearest Sis,
Thank you for the fast reply. I think that this arrangement will be best for all of us.
I have just made a booking. We have just got my grandchildren, so I have to finish this.
Sorry about that.
PS. I have sent a letter with some photos to your parents yesterday.
Hope it will come soon.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 20. September 2006 21:51
To: editmorrison
Subject: Hello

Dearest Sis,
Nika's flat is occupied by plumbers (renovation of the bathroom), and she has moved together with children into our little house.
So after work, we have a pleasant (and noisy) afternoon until they are forced in bed.
Because we are crazy with our grandchildren, all other activities are cancelled until they get permission to come home again (maybe at the beginning of the next week).
How are you? Are you again on the level after Bali and return?
How are the parents?
Dorothy has told me about her health problem, but I did not get anything to know about our father. How is he? How does he take the new situation?
Please write a couple of words.
Your brother

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 22. September 2006 19:18
To: 'Edit Morrison'
Subject: RE: Photos

My beautiful little Sister,
Thank you very much for the photos. The grandchildren are great.
Jameson is a nice boy and Rachel looks like she has a lot of gunpowder. Am I right?
I cannot read Naomi but Warren looks like a very happy man!
Shirley is a beautiful woman and Dorothy looks like a Queen.
And our father... What shall I say? A nice, quiet, old man.
I try to see me in him or him in me and it is difficult. How he was 20 years ago?
OK. It will be difficult because he still has the hair I have lost (joke).
Today I have got a letter with the pictures from Dorothy and Misha.
There was also one picture with you together with Ross, Jameson, Ross' mother (?) and Dorothy.
And two pictures of our father. I took the picture, and we were staring at each other.
I am looking forward to seeing him, you, Dorothy and the rest of your family.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 24. September 2006 21:18
To: 'Edit Morrison'
Subject: RE: Photos

Dearest Sis,
The small ones are in bed.
Nika's flat is still occupied by workers, but it looks like she likes the situation where the children are partially "sold" to the grandparents. One can say that we have more or less controlled chaos in our little house and life, but we enjoy every minute of it.
The last three weeks I have had a group from Iraq for the in-house technical training.
I have "sold" the training sessions to the specialists (24 lecturers), but a part of the training is performed by me because, apart from my duty as a training manager, I seem to be one of the "specialists".
My training sessions are scheduled for the beginning of the next week, and I have planned to make the preparation of the presentations for the weekend.
But my grandchildren are more important to me, so it will be rather limited preparation time. Fortunately, it is not the first time I do that job; even a part of the program will be quite new.
So long live improvisation!
In the end of the week the group will (at last) depart back to Iraq. I have a three days trip to Slovakia in the next week again and one-day in-house training for some Russian guys, just two days before our departure for Australia.
And then...
Dearest Edit, you do not know what kind of crazy guy your brother is.
The Australian fairytale is quite new, but I feel like I have talked to you for ages.
And each time I have sent an email I am as a little boy expecting a candy.
I open my mail well knowing that it is too soon to get anything, but I do it anyway.
And I am saying to myself. Do not be stupid. She has her own life and duties, and you should not bother her too much before you have met each other. But I do it anyway.
Maybe because I cannot do it with our father.
It looks like it will be easier to talk than correspond. And what I cannot say to him I can say to you.
And then the language.
I am born in Russia where I spent the first five years of my life.
I lived in Poland for thirty years. And now I am living in Denmark.
I talk with Tina and her family Polish. But my grandchildren's native language is Danish.
When I am thinking about my wife and my daughters I think still in Polish, but when I think about my grandchildren I think in Danish.
Now, when I am thinking about you I think in English.
And what about our father? It looks like almost forgotten Russian!
Now you know what I mean with your crazy brother.
And of course, all the languages are mixed together from time to time.
Polish because we do not use it with the Poles. Danish because it is not our native language and, does not matter how much we try, we are not able to get a decent pronunciation.
And English because it is the language I have not learned in school (it was only Latin and Russian), but in different countries, where I have been working and where they were as good as I am to make mistakes.
I had some problems to understand the people in India; even I knew they spoke English.
I had almost the same troubles in New Zealand and in Wales.
So it will be also a kind of fun with Aussies.
I am looking forward to it.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 25. September 2006 22:19
To: editmorrison
Subject: And again

Dearest Sis,
That was a typical Jewish story.
Why we have to speak so many languages?
In the old days, Yiddish was enough, but the tradition has gone.
In my home, Yiddish was a language used between my mom and dad, and I had to understand what they said in order to be on the level. But have never learned to speak.
In my first school year, I was sent to a Yiddish school and managed to be there for six months.
Due to my behaviour in school, the parents were forced to transfer me in the middle of the school year to another school.
The problem was that in the school I have met the boys I have been one year before on a Yiddish colony. At that time I was (very) skinny and because of it, I tried to avoid all boyish confrontations. That was what they remembered. What they did not know was that I have spent the last time before school with "goyim"-boys and have learned to fight. So each day in school one of the boys got a taste of my fists.
So I was transferred to another school and this was a Hebrew school! I was a star in the first class (at least in the beginning) because our schoolmistress was dating my uncle. I was also appointed to ask "The Four Questions" at the school Passover and that was my fifteen minutes of fame. The connection between my uncle and the school teacher went apart, and the school has been closed.
I was sent to an ordinary public school and that was the end of my Yiddish education.
The same was with Yiddish traditions.
My mother was a bit more religious than dad was.
We hold the Passover tradition until the end of the fifties, and then it has died a natural death.
By the way, my school friend Lena (who lives in Sidney!) has sent me Shana Tova and your brother goy has asked when it was!
It was Lena who helped me to find our father, but she does not know it. Our father has told her that he knew my mother before the beginning of the war and that's it.
Theoretically, I have stopped to travel for my company. But practically I take some short trips if the time and the training program allow it. The trip to Slovakia is only partially as a customer training. The main task is an evaluation of the operational problems the client has with their mill installation. After 27 years in the same company and 18 years of travel as a commissioning engineer, I am a recognized milling specialist. Everything you ground, except coffee beans, is my speciality.
I have never been to Iraq, and hope I never go there. Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco are more than enough for me. So I have no desire to visit more Arabic countries.
When I travel I always have my portable PC with me. And if I can find an internet connection I can always get and send the e-mails.
As far as I know, there is at the moment 8 hours difference time between Sidney and Copenhagen. It will probably change to 10 hours difference at the end of October when you switch to summertime, and we switch to wintertime.
In New Zealand, the original difference was 10 hours, and then it has changed to 12 hours. So it was for me a real "down under".
Dorothy and Misha have called me a couple of times, and once or twice made a mistake of the time difference. One time they waked us up at 1:30 AM and the other time at 6:00 AM (Saturday).
Last time we have talked a little about the names. If I am Daniel, Dan, Dima or what? And stupid as I am I have told Dorothy a joke about what we used to say in Denmark: "Call me what you want, but not too early in the morning"
I do not think that because of this they are afraid to call me. Practically all things are settled, and one can only wait until the time has come. But the thought is funny. Isn't it?
Before the kids went to bed I was appointed (by Jesper) to play with him.
I am his hero and the best playmate.
So I was for Ella when she was in Jesper's age.
Now I am too childish for her. Or maybe not. But Jesper is a very time-consuming child.
So we have some meaningful conversations when Jesper is not present.
I try to be a good listener and Ella enjoys being heard.
Tina claims that I am too childish when I am with the kids and I forget that I am a grown-up person. But they like it very much, and this counts for me more than anything else.
According to Dorothy Warren should be 33 and Shirley 31 (as my daughters).
How old are Jameson and Rachel?
I am sitting in my "computer room" and hiding for the others (Tina and Nika).
The meaning was to go through the presentations for the tomorrow training session.
ut it ends just with the email to you.
They will never find it out anyway.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 26. September 2006 23:04
To: 'Edit Morrison'
Subject: And me there

Dear Sis,
I am cheating. I read your mail six hours ago.
When I was finished with my training session I went to the office and opened my webmail.
And there it was. I read it only three times and then went back to my horses.
The Iraqi trainees are easy to cope with. So they have never found out that the last two days were one big improvisation, covered with plenty of old PowerPoint presentations. This is the fourth week of the intensive training course, and they are tired of eight hours of new stuff each day. I am also tired of the course because I do not get any help from my department. All the others are occupied with the parallel running International Seminar. So I am on my own as a training manager and a mail girl in one person.
n the morning I have found in my mailbox an e-ticket to Vienna (by car to Bratislava in Slovakia), and the confirmation of Australian ETA-visa for me and Tina (valid until 2014). So it looks like we are ready to go.
I am glad that Warren can make it. Dorothy has told me about it something like two weeks ago, so I do not think it will be so big surprise for them.
It seems to me that you love to make pleasant surprises to each other.
Same over here. Tina is not able to hold anything nice in secret. Even we agree that the girls will get it to know at the more suitable or agreed occasion, she will tell it as soon she sees them. I have also difficulties to hold surprises hidden for her.
She is a lovely person, and I am a happy husband of her. For me, she is worth her weight in gold. I am not an angel and just imagine that she could stand me for so many years!
We had a very hard time when we left Poland.
New country, new people, a new language, new customs, and an unknown future.
Problems to find the place for us, to get a job, to get a life.
A short time after we have bought our house she has lost her job. The situation at my company was also critical. The marked in the world went drastically down, and the only solution was to cut the personnel expenses.
When I have joined the company in 1979, it has employed 2400 in Copenhagen (14000 round the world). In 1989, we were down to 1100.
This was one of the reasons I have shifted to the commissioning department and chosen the travelling job.
After two months of job in the UK, I was sent to India and stayed there for seven months.
We were all happy when I went home. But Tina asked me if I have realized that without saying it we have chosen a separation. And it was very true. Before my journey to India, we had many problems and of course, they have affected our relationship.
So during my absence from home, it could go either way.
But we have realized that we had more things holding us together than the others.
She was very brave. She held the family together when I was (very much) abroad.
She has taken all the fights with the teenage girls when I was only on the sideline.
So what I have achieved in my life I owe her.
Dear Edit,
Are you keeping our chat secret for parents? Do you play a small secrets game?
Your cunning brother thought that he is talking with our father through you.
Silly me. It is easier for me to email you each day than write something meaningful to our father.
And in what language should I write to him to be more personal? Polish? Russian? (too rusty).
And I do not want to by-pass Dorothy, who is probably holding all your family together.
It looks like it should wait until we arrive in Australia.
This mail begins to look more and more chaotic.
So it will be better to stop for today.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 29. September 2006 17:24
To: 'Edit Morrison'
Subject: RE: jam on the line - not rcvd

My dearest little Sister,
I did it again.
I was so eager to reply from the office that I have again used my remote.
Everything I have written on Wednesday got lost, and I was forced to re-create it from memory (which is still good but unfortunately very short). When I have done it and was almost finished with the amendments I did something stupid and gone it was again.
I have just arrived home and try to write to you right away; even it is too late for you to get it today.
First free re-creation of my missing mail:
"Dearest Sis,
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I have realized that what I have written about the secrets could sound like reproaches.
That is not true. It's just another proof of your brother's quite special sense of humour (understand who can). Of course, I do not have anything against you share my mails, in extend you find appropriate, with the rest of family.
Very strange. I taught that only Tina and I are alienated from an enthusiastic crowd.
We do not have many friends. And our social life is very limited. We can be of course social when it counts, but it is not our biggest ambition. We prefer to be together; even we do not talk too much. Just the feeling of one's closeness is enough.
The only exceptions are our girls and grandchildren. And we are also crazy about them.
When Ella (our oldest grandchild) was born Tina was asked how she feels to be a grandmother.
Her answer was "It's lovely, except the feeling you sleep with a grandpa"
After the girls have left the nest (Nika when she was 18, Mira at age of 25) we have been alone in our house with the animals. But the last dog (Tina's comrade when I was abroad) has died two year ago and the last cat (remaining of Nika's menagerie - 17 years old) has passed last year. That is why I had to stop my travel - Tina likes to have at least one animal around.
Thanks God, everything is OK with our father. I hope we get enough time together; even most of it will be remote.
Concern the sightseeing we do not have any clue. The major goal for us is to be with you so much that you become tired of us (at least for a while). But of course we do not say no if something interesting can be seen.
I write this mail in the office utilizing the fact that I could sell my Iraqis guest to another lecturer.
But now I have to go back to them, even I most of all want to stay with you.
That is more or less I have written in the lost mail.
It looks like you have in the same way as I do with our little chat.
Tina is laughing that I become crazy with my sister and it is probably true.
Concern Tina:
She has not been well for the last couple of years.
Now she is going through the periodical tests, and that is one of the reasons that we could not visit you sooner. We are positive that everything is well, but we get it to know at final visit at hospital, which is scheduled for 9th of October.
Monday afternoon I am going to Slovakia. I am taking my portable PC with me, and if I get a plug in the hotel room I can receive and send mails as usual.
Now I know you do not get this mail today. It is 1:00AM in Australia.
I could not do it better. I was needed to make a break in my writing because Tina has called me on my mobile from the shopping mall to help her with the goods. She thought I was still at work. So I had to go and help her.
When I have mentioned the letter it is because I have sent a letter no. 3 yesterday (also with some photos). It looks like the letters are going quite slow, but I hope that it will come to you before us.
I will try to surprise your folks tomorrow.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 30. September 2006 13:39
To: 'Edit Morrison'
Subject: RE: me here

Dearest Sis,
I do not know what happened but after I read your mail I had to talk with someone.
And stupid as I am I called your folks and was just to ask them what is going on with you and get rid of my worries.
Fortunately I got only the answering machine. After that I have realized that it will make them even more worried about you. And anyway my call will cause a muddle. I was a little bit angry with myself because I again did things without thinking about the consequences.
I had to go with Tina to Nika's flat and help after the plumbers. I was also appointed to a repair man (Ella's bike was not in order). After the investigation of the case I have decided to call the bike workshop. It happened that my private mobile phone has gone dead and I had to use the mobile I use normally at work. And there were six SMS messages from your parents.
I went home and phone them. We have talked and talked. They told me a little bit more about your problem and I could feel that they took it comparably well.
I must confess that my reaction was a little bit out of proportion. When I taught of it I felt almost physical pain. Recently I had such feeling only once when Tina was on 8-hours surgery and I could not get any information before she was transferred to the intensive care.
I cannot understand myself. I am worried about you like you have been my child.
I even do not know you. We have a good mail correspondence, and I have seen your lovely smiling face on the pictures. But I even do not know if can talk with you as freely as I can write.
ou should not be worried if I can like you because I love you. You are a part of my hart and you are not able to anything wrong.
I am in Slovakia at the time you are the hospital, but I have my work mobile with me and Ross can SMS me when this is over or whenever he gets time to do it. He can also send a mail. I take my portable PC, which can take it. It looks like only my remote at work makes muddle when I try to send a mail.
Sorry I am not able to write about anything else.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 1. October 2006 10:58
To: 'Edit Morrison'
Subject: RE: Good morning

Dearest Sis,
I am not that slow at all. OK. I do not run a steeple chase and take an elevator when I have an opportunity to do it. But this is just a precaution. Do not tease the devil if it is not necessary.
At my 172 cm height I keep 80 kg combat weight (full uniform and shoes). Maybe too much, which is what a slight belly confirms. But not that bad at all (I think).
I tried to find some presentable pictures of mine, so you could proudly present me to the world, but it is a little bit difficult. When I was young I looked like a movie star (mom said), but the tooth of time has taken a big part of my beauty (jeer, who is that guy?). When I was young and handsome I rode my horse and fought the dragons until I got my princess, and now she is too tired to seek a better option. Now, when I have decided I am bald, I am in peace with myself.
I send you a "fixed" picture of me, which is almost the same your folks will get in letter no.3 (printed together with text). It is cut from the picture made at Memorial Cross in Whangarei (NZ) where I was so close to you. I send you another picture (Bratislava last year when I visit the same factory and stayed with Tina a couple of days there). It has a better solution (more than 400 KB) and will be probably easier to work with.
Have to finish now.
We are going to the Jewish cemetery to fix a little bit my mother's grave. Will do the undertaker job, and replace the dirty gravel with a new one. Then I will visit my late brother. He is not buried on Jewish cemetery; even our mother and his father-in-law do. His wife is only half Jewish and the orthodoxies from Jewish community in Copenhagen do not make any exceptions. So my sister-in-law has bought three grave places close to the Jewish cemetery (for him, her and her mother). This is one of the things which hold me far away from religion and its belongings.
I go today because I cannot do it tomorrow (with Tina to hospital in the morning, three hours in the office, flight to Vienna and then by rented car through the border between Austria and Slovakia to Bratislava).
PS. Please pass my regards to Ross.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 1. October 2006 17:05
To: editmorrison
Subject: Jom Kipur

Dearest Sis,
Just short.
Was at the cemetery.
Told my mother about you and our father.
There was no answer; like as when she lived. No surprise for me.
May she rest in peace.
I send you a picture of her grave.
It's up to your discretion if you want to show it to our father or not.
I am not sure of his reaction and maybe it will be too much for him.
You know better.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 3. October 2006 01:37
To: 'Edit Morrison'
Subject: RE: Jom Kipur

Dearest Sis,
I have just fixed the internet connection in the hotel and got your mail.
I must confess that I have been checking my mailbox from 4AM Danish time (first time I woke up), a couple of times in the morning before we left for hospital and a couple of times in the office. And the last time when I had to pack my laptop and take a taxi to the airport. I feel a little bit stupid with that obsession about my little sister, but I cannot do anything about it. It does not mean that you have to feel obliged to write more or more often. Take it easy. Your brother is a big boy; even he acts like a child looking for more candies.
The visit in the hospital went pretty well. We have got an explanation about Tina's problems, which happen to be quite normal in the restitution time. We get the final information about the test results next Monday.
I went to the airport in good time and was just about to miss the flight.
There was something wrong with my passport.
When I told Tina about my trip to Slovakia she took our passports from the drawer, where they were after our vacations in Poland, and gave me mine. So I could put it immediately in my briefcase, which I did.
I had an e-ticket, so normally I could make check-in without going to the counter. But of course the machine did not recognize my reservation number, and I have landed at the check-in counter. I was almost finished with the formalities when the guy asked me if I am going to Vienna alone or in company with someone. The trip was planned for me and another specialist from my company, so I answered that I have missed the guy, and will probably meet him in the plane. But that was not that I was asked about. The guy at the counter said that it was not my passport! Angry as I was I took the passport and surprise, surprise! The picture in the passport was ... Tina's! So I took my luggage back, rushed out to find a taxi and went home again. I succeed to reach Tina by phone, and she had my passport in the hand when I arrived home in the taxi. If such thing has happened 20 years ago I would be mad at her and all the rest of the world, and I will not talk with her for at least a week. Does not matter that a part of guilt was mine (could take a look inside the passport before putting it in the briefcase). She would be blamed; even not in words.
But as it was now, we have been laughing, and I gave her a "long kiss goodbye".
I met my colleague in the plane, and we arrived to Vienna on schedule. The only thing I have not counted with was the arrival time. It was 6:30PM and at the time I got the rented car it was completely dark. I have printed the road map from Vienna airport to the hotel in Bratislava, but it is quite different in the dark. So even I have appointed my colleague to pilot position we have made a couple mistakes. We have missed one exit and had to drive additional 30 km (15 to find next intersection, 15 to come back). We have turned right instead of left and used fifteen minutes to find the start point. I turned 300 meters too fast and got stacked in the middle of Bratislava suburb. Fortunately I could use my Polish and finally we have arrived to the hotel.
And I have succeeded to convince the reception that I have the reservation for three nights and not as they claimed only for one.
The only thing I have to manage is to find the way to the factory. I was there last year, but I lived in a different place and before I got a car I was driven a couple of times by the people who knew the way. So if I manage to come to the factory tomorrow I can start to worry about what is actually the job I have to do (have not had time to read the papers - long live improvisation + experience).
I was not sure about the picture with my mother's grave. I did not think. It was an impulse. But on the other hand I taught that maybe our father needs the ending of his story with my mother, and the picture of her grave will maybe do it. I do not know. I put two stones on her grave (one from me and one from our father).
To make the story a little bit less serious I have to tell you what was happened before the picture were taken.
As I told you I had done the undertaker job and replace the gravel in the grave. I took a little transport bag on wheels into the trunk and tried to use it to transport the bags with the gravel from the car to the grave. Of course, I put too many bags on it and it went apiece. I stayed as an idiot at the cemetery entrance not knowing what to do and hearing Tina telling me a usual story about my ability to plan anything (story of my life). Fortunately I got permission to drive the car inside the cemetery and close to the grave and found a wheel barrel close to the chapel. So I could conclude the job in comparable short time. End of story.
Religion and where to be buried.
Tina wants to be burned to ashes because she is afraid of bugs in the earth. And what we want to do with her ashes is up to us. She has asked me what I prefer if something happens, but I do not have any meaning about this. Frankly speaking I do not care what happen with my carcass. My spirit (if something like this exists) will be free. No pain (no brain) for the deceased. But plenty of sorrows for those alive. It will not be a Jewish cemetery, because if I have to be put some place it has to be close to my wife. And with these guys from the congregation I do not give a dam of the tradition.
I do not want to hurt your feelings. I know that what you feel about the religion is what you have got from your upbringing and this is how you are. My experience with religion was always negative; even the tradition as such was sometimes entertaining.
I recognize the necessity of religion for some people. It can give a feeling of belonging to a group. To be a part of something special. It can give the comfort and relief to suffering souls.
It can force the people to follow the rules and be a better human. But this can be also achieved without the religion. It just needs a high level of ethics.
I do not know if the God exists. But I believe in a kind of undefined power which controls our doings and life (take for example our story).
There is a Polish novelist whose name is Stanislaw Lem. He was a professional doctor. But he was better known as a science fiction writer. The movie "Solaris" is based on his book written in fifties. I red almost all his books; even some of them were too sophisticated for me ("Summae technologiae"). The books I liked most were "Ijon Tichy's cosmic travels", and "Cyberiada".
The first one is a collection of the travel stories of the title figure, where he visits different worlds in the galaxy. The second one is a cosmic fairy tale about two cosmic scientists, who can create everything on base of mathematic algorithms. And the book is a crazy mix of the newest science and a childish story.
One of the stories in "Ijon Tichy's travels" is about a crazy professor, who claims he has created a new world in his lab.
Tichy is invited to see that world. The lab is filled up with some strange boxes connected to some electrical cables. In the middle of the lab there is a kind of rotating cylinder with plenty of pickups on it.
The professor claims that employing the electrical impulses he has created the electrical brains in these boxes. And because all human feelings are a kind of impulses the human brain creates, it is possible to generate all the filings in electrical impulse way. You are blinded by the light, because your brain tells your pupils that the light is too strong. You feel pain, because your brain sends you the signal that something is pinching preceptors on your skin. And you can feel (impulse again) joy, sorrow, distress, disbelief, madness, love, hate, cold, hot, hungry, full, sleepy, awake.
And the professor says that the boxes are fed with such electrical impulses.
In one of the boxes there is a mind of a beautiful girl. She has got created an electrical impulse picture of herself as a blond, slim goddess. And she has got an electrical impulse that she has felt in love with a handsome boy who adores her. At the moment she is in the shower and feels her body wet from the water stream. In the other box there is a brain of a scientist who is on the edge of epoch-making invention. And he is working on it whole the time, without breaks for eating or sleep. There are plenty of others personalities trapped in the boxes. And what happens to them is written on that big cylinder, which pick-ups send the events written on the cylinder's grooves to the boxes. And if the pick-up slips to another groove, the electrical signals change the box's story continuation. And if some of them have a feeling that they recognize the place they have never seen before and have the certainty what will show around the corner of this new place, it's because the parasite current has jumped from the groove which should reveal at the next turn of cylinder.
There is one box, which is placed far away from the others. The professor tells Ijon Tichy that this is the lab world's fool. It gets the same kind of the signals from the cylinder, but does not belief in them. It thinks that all of this is a big humbug. That it is a box, which is fed by some artificial electrical impulses created by someone who treats it like an experiment.
When Ijon Tichy asks the professor if he has the same feeling, that they all are also toys in the Big Puppeteer's lab, the visit is over.
Why I tell that story to you? First of all that after I have read that story I got the same strange feeling. And I could compare my theory of the undefined force with the "Big Puppeteer"
The time is late (1:15AM). So I have to stop. Otherwise, you get even bigger headache.
Edit dear. Do not use the time to answer me. I know you will be very busy today. Just confirm you had time to read it.
Love you.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 4. October 2006 23:46
To: editmorrison
Subject: Welcome back

Dearest Sis,
If you read this mail, it means you are back home.
Your brother is crazy. I do not know what was happened to me.
I do not react normally like idiot. But when I did not get any info about you, I went amuck.
My sick imagination went on overtime and I do not want tell you what kind of thoughts I had.
Fortunately after not successful contact with Ross I got in touch with your folks.
And after that I could suddenly remember what you have written about angiography you should have.
So do not be sorry. It is not your fault. It's just me who do not think clear.
After the meeting with the client, which has taken three-quarter of the day, they have asked me to inspect the installation.
And you can see how I look after very detailed inspection inside.
This is the only thing I hate in my job. To go inside the mill, where the atmosphere is humid, hot and dusty. And it takes between half an hour to two hours before everything is measured, samples are taken, pictures are made and data recorded.
The analysis of the data, description of necessary procedures, instruction of the personnel, recommendation of necessary changes in the control system, und so waiter, is after that a piece of cake.
It is not necessary to understand that Volapük I have just written without thinking why I do it.
You have been tired and sleepy, when I bombed you with my SMS yesterday evening.
How are you today? Are you again fit for fight? Good. That's my girl.
I am sitting in the hotel room and the time is close to midnight.
I have to survive the day tomorrow in the factory where I cannot get internet connection.
Their intranet is no compatible with my PC programme - I have checked it.
Than have to drive to Vienna. Probably will get lost, but not really.
Promised call your folks Friday morning Danish time.
Of any reason afraid to talk by phone with you (what is the matter with him?).
Better go to bed.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 5. October 2006 23:42
To: 'Edit Morrison'
Subject: RE: Welcome back

Dearest Sis,
I am back home. I have seen your mail in Vienna, when I have used the internet hub in the lounge.
I remember my angiography despite it was 16 years ago. And it is because of six hours in horizontal position, after the angiography search was over, without possibility to move. And that awful pain in the ... buttock (what do you think?).
I knew you were special, but this not in that way I prefer it.
I sent Ross only one SMS. OK. I supposed that his answer for mine "? Dan" will be "! Edit", but I understand Ross very well. As you have written he is straight away, and it is difficult to understand a pseudo-sophisticated bullshit from a guy he almost does not know; especially when one's mind is occupied with something more serious. So my fault not his.
What is the matter with us? I am afraid to talk with you, you are afraid not to have anything to say. Do we think that the other one can have too high expectations?
Too bad. It looks we have pretty smooth e-mail contact.
So why we should not have it in more loud way? But you are right. Let it wait until we meet face to face. No hugs today. Will wait for your full recovery.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 6. October 2006 22:26
To: 'Edit Morrison'
Subject: RE: Goodnight, going to sleep

Dearest Sis,
We are occupied by people from Jutland. It means my youngest daughter Mira has arrived from Kolding late afternoon with Nadya (our youngest grandchild) and Thomas (her husband). Nadya has a strong voice, especially when she is not satisfied. And she is in the period where she demands her mummy to be with her all the time. After four weeks of absence she was a little bit afraid of the grandparents. I could charm her with my childish hide and show up game, but to get her in my arms was too much for her. Now she is asleep, the rest of company watches TV, and I am hiding myself in my "computer room".
I cannot claim that my visit in Slovakia was a success, but they are still convinced that "the big medicine man" was with them.
To keep them in this illusion I have to write a report. I wanted to do it today in the office, but of course I was a little bit in a hurry to leave the house in the morning (called your folks and talked too much), and then there were some small businesses in the office, as usual after a couple of days absence. And when I have turned on my portable PC (all info from the trip not in memory, but files), I have realized that the power supply was left home.
I spent the rest of the day with the remaining of Iraqi course, and writing some internal mails to the people involved in Slovakia case. But it looks like I have to do the job at home, when Kolding invasion is over (Sunday evening).
Meanwhile, we get additionally the visit of Nika with her kids, and possible my beloved Mother in Law will visit us to see her grand grandchildren. All this is scheduled on Saturday, because this is the only opportunity for family gathering before our departure for Australia.
I talk with your folks, and it went much better than before.
It looks like we begin to be more familiar and comfortable with each other. That's good.
I can still write only about "our father" (not mine) but now there is a good chance that I will dare to treat him as my "tatele".
I am a little bit afraid that your folks begin to idealize me. I was always good to make a good impression when it counts. And it looks that I have made a good job to mesmerize my little sister. And now they swallow without a trace of criticism everything you give them from my mails. I should be thrilled by the situation, but I am not (do you know that feeling?).
What if my physical me do not live up to the expectations caused by my writing abilities? I know in advance that we will have a little problem with religion/tradition matters, which both parties will try to solve by not to tread too much in the topic. But this is what I can live with. You know that if you have too high expectations, you will sometimes be disappointed by the actual outcome.
I am convinced that all of you will fulfil my expectation, because the only thing I want is to see you, to talk with you, and to be with you as long as you can stand me and as long as the time will allow it.
It looks like it begins to rumble for me again.
Have to finish.

From: Dan Wainblum []
Sent: 8. October 2006 23:15
To: 'Edit Morrison'
Subject: Departure

Dearest Sis,
That's it. We are packed. The taxi to the airport fixed. Just to survive the night.
In the morning the flight to London. A couple of hours waiting time. Long flight to Singapore.
One night in Singapore. And a last jump Down Under.
Why I am so scared?
I am not afraid to meet you. Even I know that it will be more difficult than to write to you.
I do not have any problem with you. It feels so normal to have a little sister.
It is like there was in my heart a special place for you from very beginning. It was just waiting for you.
But I still have mixed feelings about our father.
I know that it just my mind, which makes that entire muddle.
I hope that it will be settled when we meet each other.
But I still feel like I have some butterflies in my stomach.
Fortunately it is too late to have another thought.
Tomorrow I am on my way.
See you soon.
Love you.

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