Did they not let you in? And they did not want to talk with you?
I'm not surprised. With that kind of story!
No! It's not true. There was no conviction because of the collaboration with Germans!
How do I know? My father and mother told me.
My father just got it told because he was a newcomer.
He was a professional sergeant before the war, and when after the war they began to go after the prewar officers, he, just for to be on the safe side, joined that new regime police force.
It lasted not that long time. When they sent him to the police station nearby, he learned to know my mother.
Grandfather was not happy with it, but when they got married, my father has left the police service and begun working on the farm.
That is why we were surprised when some people from a combatant association came and told my father that he is entitled to a veteran's pension. But when one gets it, one takes it. Isn't it so?
My mother was the only child and when my grandfather died, they took over the farm.
And I took it after them.
Mother knew about that story much more, because it had happened almost on her eyes.
There were not many Jews in our village.
And when the Germans came, they took them all away.
This Isaac came somehow back two years later. Alone.
He has never talked about his family, and nobody knows what happened to them.
They were probably killed by Germans.
Isaac was a shoemaker and a prosperous one.
His clientele was a large one.
He employed one farmhand, and in the summer it was work for two.
Before the Germans have taken him away, he gave his farm with all inventories to the Krask family for safekeeping.
It was a big improvement for them because there were plenty of them, and their mark was not that big.
When Isaac returned, they had to give him everything back.
But it was a problem with the inventory.
His two horses were sold. That young bull and one ox reportedly have not survived the wintertime.
They gave back only two cows and said that the rest they will retain as a payment for the safekeeping!
If Isaac was not afraid? Good Lord! We were all countrymen.
He did not bother us. Everyone knew about him.
Even the local policeman, who got some pocket money, looked another way.
Luckily, the Germans did not come here because it was a wilderness.
And there were some partisans in the forest.
They often visited Isaac and he repaired their shoes.
And for the partisans' commander, who was a cavalry officer, he made some new shoes.
When the Krask family did not want to give the rest of the inventory back, has Isaac given up at first.
But when the partisans made him a guerrilla shoemaker, he changed his mind.
And said that he will claim to the partisans about it.
My mother told me that she heard that entire quarrel because it was terribly loud.
Then it was a kind of thump and a scream and everything became silent again.
Isaac was not seen after that.
At first, it looked like he ran away to the partisans because the Krask's older son threatened to kill him.
But when the partisans came to Isaac's hut with their shoes, everybody in the village knew what was happened.
The partisans got it also to know.
And when their commander found out that his riding shoes lay unfinished in Isaac's hut, he became so angry that he gave the order and the Krask's older son was shot dead.
As a lesson for the others.
So it was a big mourning in their family, though they took all Isaac's property back again.
That's right. When the communistic regime has ended, some of Isaac's relatives came here.
But the Krask's did not want to show him the place where Isaac was buried.
So fierce they still were. The younger brother always blamed the partisans.
That they killed a man because of a stupid Jew.
But they have not killed him because of a Jew, but because of the shoemaker!
Because who had to repair all these shoes after that?!